Design language system for the full line of Peco-Inspx X-ray inspection machines.  Massive, incredibly efficient systems for detecting anything from cracks in glass to metal shavings in frozen chicken at upwards of 1500 bottles, cans or chickens per minute. A project with unique challenges and enormous constraints but myriad opportunities to improve usability, ergonomics and brand image.

Role - Industrial Design, Design Strategy
Year - 2016

Client - Peco-InspX


Create the first comprehensive physical brand identity for the entire lineup of Peco-Inspx X-Ray inspection machines.  Craft a set of guidelines to direct the design of future models.

In addition to presenting a new face of the Peco-Inspx brand, study usability and manufacturing to help improve functional efficiency and service over the life of the machine. 


Every aspect of the design was studied and evaluated between the teams at Karten Design in Los Angeles and Peco-Inspx in Silicon Valley.  With close cooperation between them, a new brand personality was developed.  A visual balance was struck between user-friendly high-tech and industrial efficiency.  The iconic tapered waist was a response to the need to reduce the footprint.

The plant floor is a brutal place and great pains were taken to resist water and caustic chemicals, ease cleaning and assist maintenance.  Scalability was addressed and interior systems were reorganized and designed for optimum airflow.  Hinges were developed for space constraints.  Sloping, faceted surfaces and hurricane-resistant vents keep the water off and feathers out. 

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