Massive digital playspace comprising three 40-foot LED screens displaying classic team Tug of War and 1-on-1 Button Mash games.  Working with Production Club, we created gameplay, designed and fabricated consoles and ran the event on the last day of the Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. 

Role - Concept, Design, Fabrication
Year - 2018

Client - Amazon Web Services


Bring the joy and heartbreak of outdoor sports like tug-of-war into a digital playground surrounded by a Skrillex concert.  Fuse the themes of a typical day at the office with a techno house party.

Make it strong enough to be absolutely pummeled for several hours by very determined and competitive partygoers.  Make it big and exciting enough to complement the concert.


When in doubt, go big. Dual 40-foot long Button Mash game boards were created and hoisted into the air.  CO2 blasters and Magic Panel effects announced the winner.

Consoles housing computers running the gameplay were designed and fabricated in-house.  Oversize keyboard keys modified for lighting served as buzzers.

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