Bullet Time Infinity Mirror Room Experience & Social Activation


A mesmerizing mirrored entryway leads to a 90° 15-DSLR “bullet-time” photo rig inside of a circular infinity room constructed on the second floor of the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills for an exclusive speakeasy-themed event for Hilton Honors members.  Personalized Hilton-branded social media takeaways and caviar gift bags.

Role - Site Plan, Environment Design
Year - 2018

Client - Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills


Transport Hilton Honors guests to a different place and time: a classic speakeasy with a futuristic twist, hidden passageways and surprises around every corner.

Construct said speakeasy in a matter of hours within (and without damaging) a ballroom and conference suite on the second floor of the hotel.  Integrate existing, immovable chandelier.


A cunning plan was hatched to build the 11-sided mirrored room around the existing light fixture without actually touching it.  Considerable trusswork did the heavy lifting while Art Deco paneling kept the surprise a secret until the last moment.

Strategic use of mirrored panels, LEDs and Edison bulbs set the atmosphere while the immersive space and instant bullet-time GIFs gave guests something to talk about and share on social media.

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