An entirely unique invention designed to solve a very specific problem: apply a screen protector perfectly every time.  From research to mechanical exploration to point of sale retail design, I was hands-on in every stage of the development. 

Role - Original Concept, Research, Design
Year - 2014

Client - Belkin International Inc.


A careful user can stick a new screen protector on their phone pretty well with a bit of skill.  We wanted to build a machine that could repeatedly and consistently apply protective films to different devices from different manufacturers with perfect alignment, without dust, without bubbles, in less than a minute.

Alignment accuracy within 0.1mm, zero bubbles, zero dust.  A daunting task.  A digital optical inspection system had to be purchased.  Tens of thousands of bubbles were counted and sorted between air or dust.  Additional engineers were brought onto the project.  It was even codenamed Archimedes.


As many things do, it started with paper models.  Drawing from a bit of photographic history, I based my early concept loosely on the idea of a Polaroid pull tab, though in this case it would be used to extract a plastic backing film from between the device and the screen overlay.

The machine now successfully applying overlays in stores is the 3rd generation system but all are based on this patented pull-tab concept with varying degrees of mechanical assistance.  The machines are leased to stores and milled Delrin cradles for the latest phone models are shipped within hours of a device release.

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