An exploration and rethinking of the entire product service system for Kohler Smart Bathrooms.  At the center of the strategy is the innovative Kohler Continuous Clean technology that enables touch-free, automatic cleaning.

Role - Design Strategy, Industrial Design, UX, Packaging
Year - 2016

Client - Kohler Co.


Map out the competitive landscape and identify multiple options for positioning within the relatively staid consumer bathroom market.  Every aspect of Kohler's innovative technology should be highlighted - from efficient cleaning to connectivity.

All user touchpoints were considered from initial consumer experience to controlling and refilling by companion app to partnering with Clorox to create new co-branded cleaning solutions.


We presented multiple concepts centering around how the user would interact with the technology, for instance how the need to refill cleaning solution would be communicated.  Power was another consideration - easy and hygienic recharging, eliminating unsightly cords.

Universal application was one goal, whereby the consumer could choose to retrofit an existing toilet or Kohler would install them in current models at the factory.  The options ranged from a simpler drop-in tank solution to a complete hybrid porcelain/polymer lid housing electronics, power, illumination and scent cartridges.

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