A full 5.1 channel Dolby home theatre system combined with a slim LCD television.  Originally designed for the Latin and South American markets, distribution was expanded to Asia and North America after phenomenal sales in Mexico and Brazil.  Beginning in 2003, I led the design of five successive generations, continually improving and evolving the concept through market research and close cooperation with audio engineers and marketing.

Role - Industrial Design, Project Management
Year - 2003-2010

Client - Sony Design Center


Integrate a full Dolby Surround Sound System into a slim and stylish package.  De-emphasize the mass of a voluminous subwoofer.  Celebrate rather than conceal the increased audio capability while maintaining an elegant look and feel.

Research included in-home visits throughout Latin and South America as well as consultation with retailers.  Performance and packaging were studied and improved with the close cooperation of audio and mechanical engineers at Sony Mexico.


Over five generations of the FA Series televisions, beginning with CRT models in 2003, the concept was refined and improved as technology evolved.  2008 was the first flat panel version of the series.  Unmatched audio performance was achieved using front-firing speakers around the screen and a subwoofer in the base, later moved to the back as seen above.

As display and audio technology progressed, the concept advanced through "tube" TVs and large traditional speakers and subwoofers to thinner and thinner LCD panels with soundbars.  Slimmer TVs meant fewer places to hide sufficiently large speakers.  Below are two of many concepts aiming to take advantage of the new tech to bring a fresh style to the segment.

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