Sony Dash

Internet Device with Chumby OS - 2010

Remember the chunky little Chumby internet assistant?  It had a touchscreen and a soft leather body and felt like something you could lose between your bed pillows.  That wasn't very Sony.  The wedge-shaped, glossy-fronted Dash was a fine device that had the poor luck to be released the same year as the iPad.  It couldn't be called a clock radio anymore which left no choice but to compare it to the coming onslaught of full-featured tablets.  Meanwhile I recall quite the effort getting exactly the right Zune-like soft-touch dark brown coating.

That's all fine.  We got Justin Bieber to use one at CES.  For free. 

Clearly just a bit ahead of its time, the Dash has now been thoughtfully re-released as the Echo Show by Amazon.

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